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By David Nickle

“When it comes to this book, only two things are certain; the stories never travel where you expect, and David Nickle is a monumental talent.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“With this new collection he takes the reader on a series of wild rides at manic velocity, careening through a dozen explosive and surreal stories.”
Toronto Star


Nickle_Knife Fight

A young man at loose ends finds he cannot look away from his new lover’s alien gaze. A young woman out of time seeks her old lover in the cold spaces between the stars. The fleeing worshippers of an ancient and jealous deity seek solace in an unsuspecting New World congregation. In a suburban nursery, a demon with a grudge and a lonely exorcist face off for what could be the last time. And when a big city mayor who delineates his mandate by the slash of a blade faces an unexpected challenger, it turns into a struggle that threatens to consume everything. In Knife Fight and Other Struggles, David Nickle follows his award-winning debut collection Monstrous Affections with a new set of dark tales that span space, time, and genre.

“It is perhaps this mood of loss that ties Knife Fight together more than its characters’ encounters with the supernatural or Nickle’s playful voice. This book does not only describe hauntings. It is, itself, a haunting.”
This Magazine

“Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the talent based on preconceptions of what horror might be – read one of these stories and see if you aren’t hooked … Believe the hype: David Nickle is very good.”
The Globe and Mail

Knife Fight and Other Struggles, is horrifying, funny, weird and wonderfully written, all at once.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“David Nickle’s Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a collection of thirteen unique glimpses into the weird. Dynamic imagination, masterful writing of both the every day and the nightmare, characters that breathe, and a dark sense of humour make this a keeper. If you’ve not yet read Nickle’s fiction, Knife Fight is a great place to start. If you have, you’ve no doubt already bought this book.”
—World Fantasy Award-winning author Jeffrey Ford

Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a remarkable collection that drops some hi-fidelity weirdness on the scene. Nickle’s prose has gorgeous lines of symmetry and a steel spine.”
-Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“David Nickle is Canada’s answer to Stephen King. His writing charms even as it slices like a blade between the ribs: sharp, subtle, and never less than devastating.”
-Helen Marshall, Author of Hair Side, Flesh Side and Gifts for the One Who Comes After

“If the Group of Seven had worked in prose instead of oils—and if they’d been raised on a diet of Lynch and Cronenberg—they might have come close to what David Nickle fishes from his id for our edification.”
-Hugo Award-winning author Peter Watts, from the Introduction

“David Nickle is my favorite kind of writer. His stories are dark, wildly imaginative, and deeply compassionate—even when they’re laced with righteous anger. He’s at the top of his game in this new book of short stories, and that’s about as good as it gets.”
-Nathan Ballingrud, author of North American Lake Monsters


ChiZine, world, Fall 2014

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