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Madeline Ashby is a science fiction writer, strategic foresight consultant, and immigrant living in Toronto. She writes a column for the Ottawa Citizen. Her short fiction has appeared in Nature, FLURB, Tesseracts, Imaginarium, and Escape Pod. Her other essays and criticism have appeared at BoingBoing, io9, WorldChanging, Creators Project, Arcfinity, and


Madeline’s Books:

Company Town

Ashby_Company Town

Tor, world English, Spring 2016

Arctis, Germany, January 2017

Finalist For Canada Reads 2017
Finalist for the 2017 Locus Award for Science Fiction
Longlisted for the 2017 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic
Nominated for the 2017 Aurora Award (Best Novel)


iD: The Second Machine Dynasty

Ashby_iD The Second Machine Dynasty

Angry Robot, World, June 2013


vN: The First Machine Dynasty

Ashby_vN The First Machine Dynasty

Angry Robot, world, August 2012

Nominated for a Locus Award for Best First Novel 2013